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Why are cakes important for a birthday celebration? The answer is a simple one – sharing happiness creates lasting memories for the whole family. Today, cakes are an essential part of a birthday celebration and ancient Egyptians celebrated their birthdays with them. And, choosing the right cake for a birthday celebration involves a little bit of research. Here are five reasons why cakes are important. We’ll also look at how flavour affects your choice.

Ancient Egyptians celebrated birthdays with cakes

Egyptians celebrate birthdays with birthday cakes. Unlike Americans, the Egyptians don’t make birthday cakes with fondant. Egyptian bakers combine creativity and humor to create beautiful creations. Egyptian birthday cakes often spell out “Happy Birthday” and the age the birthday person is turning. They usually decorate with fruit and flowers. In addition to cakes, the Egyptians give gifts to their guests. Often, they also hand out sugar dolls to children.

Modern day celebrations include a cake

The ritual of blowing out a birthday candle is a very ancient tradition. The Ancient Greeks used to make moon-shaped cakes and place a candle in the center to make them glow like the moon on their birthdays. The connection between the birthday candle and devotional cakes to the goddess Artemis may still be alive today. In modern-day Germany, it is common to present a cake to a child on their birthday.

Cakes are a symbol of generosity

Giving a cake to someone on their birthday is not always a good idea. It could mean that they have been unrequited in love or that they haven’t received recognition at work. Other times, giving a cake to someone means that they have been rewarded for the hard work and effort that they have put into it. It could also mean that they’ve passed away or have lost something that they were looking forward to.

Flavour plays a role in choosing the perfect cake

If you want to buy the perfect birthday cake for your loved one, you must first define your budget and then decide on the type and flavour of the cake. Also, you should consider the number of guests you’ll be inviting. A small amount of cake is perfectly acceptable, but an excessive amount can be embarrassing. Also, you should consider your guests’ diet and dietary needs, as some people are vegetarian and therefore may prefer eggless cakes. By knowing the taste and dietary requirements of your guests, you can decide on the size of the cake.

History of putting candles on cakes

The tradition of putting candles on birthday cakes dates back to the Greeks, who would make round cakes and light them to honor the goddess Artemis. The smoke from these candles would carry prayers and wishes to the gods. Then, the birthday child would try to blow out all the candles in one long breath, and the candles were replaced. This custom became more popular in the United States in the 1880s as German immigrants migrated to the New World.

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