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A vacation to Singapore is not enough if it is only for a day, so it is important for you to prepare a hotel as a place to stay when on vacation there. In addition to aiming to be able to enjoy all tourist attractions, staying at a hotel can also be refreshing, even now many people choose a staycation-style vacation that is only in the hotel.

There are many hotel choices that you can make accommodations in Singapore, ranging from capsule hotels to 5-star classes. You can find the best hotels in Singapore easily through the Traveloka App.

However, if you stay at a luxury hotel, of course, the facilities and services they provide will be more complete. For those of you who are planning to vacation in Singapore and stay at a luxury hotel, or just want a staycation, don’t miss out on enjoying the following hotel facilities.

1.   Restaurant

In general, the hotel has several places to eat, the main restaurant which is usually used by guests for breakfast and a cafe is also provided for guests who want to enjoy coffee. Dining is one of the most sought-after hotel facilities by guests, be it people staying overnight or those who just want to dine with friends and family.

The restaurant is one of the most sought-after hotel facilities by guests, be it people staying overnight or those who just want to dine with friends and family. For hotel guests, there is no need to pay additional fees for breakfast. You can enjoy delicious food served in the hotel restaurant to your heart’s content as one of the facilities at the hotel.

2.   Swimming Pool

Luxury hotels are always equipped with swimming pools, not even just one pool, usually also provide a special children’s pool. If the hotel you ordered has a swimming pool, you can use it without having to pay again.

The swimming pool at the hotel is designed for guests who stay with family or friends to spend quality time together. If you don’t want to swim, you can enjoy the afternoon breeze by the pool while ordering a cocktail.

3.   Fitness Center

After the swimming pool, the fitness center is also a facility that you must visit when staying at the hotel, especially if you like to exercise. Where else can you enjoy complete gym facilities without paying rent?

In fact, some hotels have special exercise schedules in the morning and evening that can be followed by any guests who are staying.

4.   Spa and Sauna

Hotels that are located in tourist areas are mostly equipped with spas, so their guests can enjoy after a long day of touring the city. However, you need to make sure in advance whether the spa facilities they provide are free or pay according to the package provided.

In addition to the spa, there is also a small room with a high temperature, namely a sauna. Sauna is usually used after enjoying a spa massage or exercise with the aim of sweating a lot. Some people believe that saunas can burn calories in the body.

5.   Bathtub

Want to just relax in the room? You can soak in a bathtub with warm water and lots of foam. Some hotels even provide beautiful views that you can enjoy while soaking.

No need to overdo it, you can take a warm bath and order a snack while listening to your favorite music is more than enough to refresh your mind from busy work. This is of course very fun, especially if the facilities at the hotel you never get at home.

Those are some hotel’s facilities that you need to enjoy while staying at a luxurious hotel. You can find some hotel recommendations for your holiday from Traveloka.

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