Rudn Enclave

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Living in Rudn Enclave means obtaining a prime location with top notch infrastructure and facilities. The company behind Rudn Enclave is state-of-the-art with a wealth of experience in the real estate business. It is headed by Rahim-U-Din Naeem, whose sole aim is to establish Rudn Enclave as a centre of excellence.

Investing in rudn enclave

If you’re looking for a good place to invest in real estate, you may want to invest in Rudn Enclave. This new housing society is being developed by two prominent development companies, RMRSCO and UDPL. The project’s CEO is Rahim U Din Naeem.

Rudn Enclave is an exciting new project that promises to provide a secure and peaceful environment for all residents. It is being developed by two of Pakistan’s most well-known real estate companies, RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. and NESPAK Pvt. Limited. The two companies are teaming up to develop the project and ensure it will have a fast and smooth development process. This will ensure investors can make a good return on their investments.

Investing in Rudn Enclave is a great way to invest in the real estate market in Rawalpindi. The housing scheme covers over 18,000 Kanal of land. It offers a variety of plot types for sale. These vary in size and price. This makes it possible for low-income people to invest in this development.


One of the main advantages of living in Rudn Enclave is the location. This residential area is surrounded by greenery and has easy access to amenities and services. Aside from being close to the city, it also offers a tranquil and relaxing environment. Moreover, RUDN Enclave has well-established health facilities and is known to be a safe place to live. Residents of RUDN Enclave can also enjoy a wide variety of entertainment facilities. Moreover, it has an open theme park that provides a safe place for entertainment for children.

Residents of Rudn Enclave will have easy access to various places of worship. The society has allocated enough space for mosques and masjids in the development. Furthermore, the society aims to promote communal culture and a sense of community among residents. It is also aiming to build a club and exclusive community center for residents to meet others and engage in social activities.

Rudn Enclave is situated on the CPEC route, close to the Bahria Town Phase-8 and is close to various major amenities. Its central location makes it a prime choice for aspiring investors. The development is just a few minutes away from the city center, Saddar Rawalpindi, Rawat, and the new airport. Moreover, the development is expected to complete within 60 days after the RDA’s approval.


Whether you’re interested in relocating to a new location or setting up your own business, the infrastructure perks of living in RUDN Enclave make it an excellent choice. With a huge profit margin and future growth, this development offers a host of investment options. The development’s unique design and location means that prices are bound to rise, and investors will benefit from the increased returns. Furthermore, the development’s prestigious status means that residents can expect to enjoy luxurious amenities and services.

Infrastructure perks of living in Rudn Enclause include access to an upscale health complex and educational institutions that match the standards of foreign school systems. This modern community also boasts of advanced security systems. There are many prominent consulting firms working on the development of the community, including National Engineering Service Pakistan (NESPAK), which is trusted both locally and internationally. Other prominent developers include Urban Planning Developers, which is a highly futuristic developer.

Another great benefit of living in Rudn Enclave is its proximity to the city’s major roads like the beautiful roads of blue world city. The development is adjacent to the M2 Islamabad-Lahore motorway and the new Islamabad International Airport. The area also features a 200-foot-wide main boulevard.


Located next to the Adyala road, Rudn Enclave offers a green and pollution free environment to its residents. The project offers a peaceful environment where residents can live a close-knit lifestyle. Furthermore, the perfect drainage system ensures hygienic living conditions. Besides, it is a legal housing society and is therefore, a good option for those who want a secure and comfortable living environment.

RUDN Enclave offers a wide range of luxury and exclusive facilities. It aims to provide world-class living standards and state-of-the-art technology to its residents. In addition, the project offers high-end services at affordable prices. To add to the perks of living in Rudn Enclave, the project offers a gated community with high-security. Its extensive infrastructure will feature a wide road network and premium quality facilities.

The development of Rudn Enclave offers luxurious, master-planned residential communities. There are a variety of plots available for sale in this community. The prices of these plots vary according to market trends and the owner’s choice. Buying a plot in Rudn Enclave is a lucrative decision for those who seek a safe, secure, and affordable living environment.

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