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Cycling in a popular tourist destination like Singapore comes with two distinctive advantages. Alongside giving your body some healthy workout, it also lets you take a look at the beauty of nature. When you are in Singapore on a Singapore visa at a weekend, the possibilities are both exciting and overwhelming for cycling along a bike trail.

The best part about Singapore is that it has a long list of such trails. So, you can pick and choose the trails along which you would want to go cycling at the weekend. Here are the top 10 places to cycle in Singapore.

Best Bike Trails and Road Cycling Routes in Singapore

Are you ready to explore the best bike routes in Singapore that are suitable for cycling and have stunning landscapes? Here’s a list of the top 10 such places in the city.

1. Round Island Route

Intended for seasoned cyclists, Singapore Round Island Loop is one of the best bike routes in Singapore. This 75-km long trail is suitable for night cycling as well, meaning that you can get started with cycling at a time of your choice. It also has a separate trail for those whose skills are at the intermediate level.

2. Singapore Round Island Loop

Singapore Round Island Loop is unique in the sense that, unlike the other trails in the city, you can get to this destination through many routes. Depending of the route you take, the distance of the loop would range between 120 and 200 km. It has facilities for cycling at night as well. Whether your skills are at the intermediate or professional level, this cycling and biking trail is perfect for your needs.

3. Seletar Loop

Are you professional at cycling along challenging trails? If yes, you would want to put both your endurance and cycling skills to the test. Seletar Loop is the perfect choice for it. Located at the Seletar Aerospace Park, it stretches up to 12 km. Though it is intended for pro cyclists, you can also try your hand at it if you have average cycling skills both during the daytime and at night.

4. Mount Faber Loop

On pen and paper, Mount Faber Loop is only 3 km long. But there’s more to it than what appears on the surface. It has steep slopes throughout, which will let you not only test your cycling skills but also upgrade your climbing skills. This trail is perfect for both beginners and pros alike who like to explore the beauty of nature.

5. Jurassic Mile

If you are a dinosaur enthusiast, cycling along Jurassic Mile is the best thing you can think about after arriving in Singapore. You can enter this cycling path in Singapore through two routes: either through Changi Airport or the Tanah Merah Coastal Road. It is the one-stop destination for feeling the presence of Velociraptors and T-Rex from up close.

6. Kranji Marshes Loop

At Kranji Marshes Loop, you can explore rich fauna alongside getting the feel of cycling in the cool breeze. This loop is 70 km long, so you can expect plenty of cycling action if you have a trusted bicycle. Also, you can cycle here at night.

7. Rower’s Bay Park

Do you wish to explore a beautiful park in Singapore in the morning or evening setting? Rower’s Bay Park is the perfect choice for it. It is 150 km long and is the best Singapore round island cycling route.

8. East Coast Park

A 15-km long trail, East Coast Park is the perfect destination for spending a weekend with your family. Here, you will find the best food centres that serve delicious or mouth-watering seafood-based cuisines. With plenty of greenery around, it also looks naturally beautiful.

9. Coney Island

Coney Island is a relatively shorter and easier cycling trail in Singapore compared to the others on the list. Though it is just 2.4 km in length, you can extend your duration of cycling by exploring the beautiful coastal trails. Also, you can consider spending some time on the beach.

10. Marina Bay Loop

This trail is 11 km long and begins from Marina Bay Sands. While cycling along with it, you can head toward Merlion through Helix Bridge. For more fun, you can also take the diagonally opposite route that runs to Marina Barrage.


Singapore is a paradise for those cyclists who wish to get a healthy workout while exploring its scenic beauty. As far as the best places to bike in Singapore is concerned, it has ample choices for tourists. However, the ones on the list above will provide you with invaluable experience. So, do explore numerous adventurous things to do in Singapore after arriving in Singapore.

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