Eid Dresses

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Eid dresses a festival full of lights, and joy is globally celebrated with a lot of vivacity amongst everyone, and the preparations start almost a month before. Mouth-watering dishes are cooked, new clothes are bought, and for children toys and sweets are purchased. Everyone goes to each other house and gives regards, sits have a chit-chat and eat together. 

From traditional to modern touch here are some ideas that you’ll love to have this Eid:


Considered traditional clothing, it is a free flowy dress worn on normal days as well as on special occasions. Earlier only black color was worn in this but everyone is going with the trend and switching to try new things. When going for Eid Dresses shopping, there are many varieties from lightweight embroidery to heavyweight.


These days kaftans are not religion biased or any other clothing. Although they are made of cotton, you can have them in any fabric. Especially those which are flowy, as they will let your outfit go with the flow. Pairing it up with some heavy accessories or having embroidered kaftan will be a perfect fit for your Eid Dresses look.  

Stripes and patterns

Since many days the preparation for the festivals starts, it is not possible to wear heavy attires every day. So switch on to some subtle-looking patterns like trips or florals, paired up with comfortable footwear. Moreover, if you wish to switch your look for an evening, just play with your footwear and accessories. Like instead of normal sandals or slippers, go for heels and a stylish bag.     

Short Dresses for Summers

Thinking about what to wear during summer?

Summers can be very toxic, as outfits start eating your skin. So go for outfits that are light in weight and flowy. For instance, opt for chiffon and georgette fabric. They are breathable and also have a sheer texture and give a beautiful drape. Moreover, these fabrics are suitable for both day and night dresses, with this you can elevate your dressing and create your style.     

Go bold with colors

Festivals are all about lights and colors! Time when you are bored with playing with patterns, then start with different colors. These days neon colors are ruling the fashion industry, from clothing to accessories, and footwear, going for a monochrome outfit is also a good option. But while you are going for trends never miss out on the choice of sustainable fabrics.  

Arabic traditional dress for men

As the Middle East temperature is quite hot, it is a big problem to decide what to wear, so that in every outfit, skin can breathe easily. That’s why men go for an ankle-length outfit that is made of cotton. It is long robe-like clothing of white color with full sleeves, traditionally known as Thawb. Although earlier it came in only one color, now with the change in the time it is available in many different colors. To add some spice to the festive look embroidery can be added to it.      

Modern Touch

Some styles never go out of style and are an evergreen choice for any occasion. For instance, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, and more. Apart from traditional wear they too are a decent choice for festivals. Not only this, but prints will also be a bold choice to have in your attire.

Along with these stylish looks having the right fabric is a must. The actual look of the outfit depends on the fabric also, as the texture will give you drape and other things. For that, you don’t have to go anywhere as Fabriclore offers you high-quality, sustainable fabrics. That will help you preserve your expensive attires forever. It is one of the leading fabric stores in India and is providing its services in the USA, UK, Middle East, and Canada. There is a vast variety of fabrics starting from chiffon, georgette, organic cotton, silk, taffeta, and more the list goes on. Moreover, these fabrics are available in different patterns and colors.

And if you are willing to have a customized look for your Eid then you have an option for getting it customized, we have a team of highly skilled in-house designers. Give your idea about what you want and then they will help you in completing your project. 

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