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Afro taper

It’s no secret that afro taper fades are among the most popular hairstyles used by black men of all ages. Even though the taper fade Afro looks straightforward, it can be applied to several styles and designs. For someone with kinky or curly hair, a curly Afro with a taper fade may be the best haircut.

Afro haircuts can also be requested by black men from their barber in high or low taper fades. Business professionals might prefer a low taper Afro while an edge-up with a tall taper afro offers more contrast and an edgy look.

Top 11 best Afro tapered haircuts

1.     Fade with an afro texture

The back of this haircut isn’t tapered or faded, which makes it unique. In this case, it is only shaved short of creating a faux hawk style. Additionally, curly hair creates a natural texture, and the sides can be styled in many ways. There are three fades: high fade, mid fade, and low fade.

2.     Fade with an Afro burst

The faded hairstyle does not require that both sides be shaved clean.  You can still have one by simply cutting small areas and creating an excellent design. This style emphasizes the fro hawk’s features by cutting only a few inches on both sides. If you would like to enhance the visual impact, you may request some razor lines.

3.     Mohawk with a short afro

Furthermore, temple fades give you even more creative freedom. The middle of your hair should extend down to the nape of your neck. If you do this, you will be able to easily achieve a fabulous Mohawk hairstyle. If your hair is short-to-medium-length, you may have an easier time pulling off this style. In addition, this Short Mohawk is enhanced by growing a beard.

4.     Inventive Afro Crown

Your hairstyle’s very creative design on top will cause everyone that you meet to want to take another look at it. This is an effortless process, so there is no need to worry. Wavy hair needs to grow long before you can comb it up and dye the ends if you want to dye it blonde. The hairstyle should be finished with a high fade.

5.     Shaved side part with a low afro fade

This hairstyle is an example of a low fade that gives the viewer an illusion. When it appears in the area around the ears, it gradually fades into invisibility. In addition, a long line starts at the side of the forehead and continues down the cheek. A faded style like this is an excellent option for men who need conveniences and want a faded kind.

6.     Faux Hawk with Afro Side Fade

The great thing about an afro taper fade haircut is that you can always match it with other hairstyles to suit your personality. Mohawk-style fades, for example. A stylish appearance is achieved by shaving both sides of the head while leaving enough length in the center. It is also suitable for pairing with a sculpted beard if you want to present an elegant appearance.

7.     An afro geometric hairstyle

With this hairstyle, you can bring out your creativity. The result is a fantastic combination of precise lines and geometric shapes. There is nothing more timeless than this style with its urban pulse and freedom of expression. A long beard, short beard, or medium beard can also be combined with it.

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8.     An Afro Blurry Fade with a Design

It might be easy to do blurry fading in your hair, but you can always add more spice by drawing lines, creating shapes, and creating dramatic effects. This one has a theatrical cut that elevates the style to a whole new level. There are also razor-cut curve lines that are impressive. An additional creative element is the simple tie on top of the head.

9.     Bleached Afro Style

This hairstyle will catch the attention of people around you because of the bleached color. Like most other afro haircuts, the taper fade haircut requires no holding gel or wax. There is a classic taper on the sides of this style, and these short locks exhibit cute natural curls. This hairstyle looks incredible because it combines all these features.

10. Spiky Afro top

If you decide to keep some extra length in your hair, this will give you an idea of how to style it. You can create spikes on top of your strands because they have a natural texture. Also, you can add some designs to the sides or the back. This particular hairstyle has a V-shaped back, which compliments the spikes well.

11. Geometric and Sleek Afro Waves

No limit to what you can do with tapering fade haircuts! Stylish waves on the crown create an eye-catching effect in this hairstyle. Besides looking superb and classy, they can enhance any man’s appearance. It is enhanced by the hard part and geometric cuts, which enhance the faded parts.

Benefits of Afro tapered haircut

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to tapered haircuts. In addition to being versatile, tapered cuts can also be styled in many ways. An individual’s face shape and preferences can be considered when designing the amount. There are curl friends who prefer completely shaved sides, as well as curl friends who prefer a little texture on the sides. It is possible to cut the sides higher or lower around the temples and ears.

Depending on the length and amount of hair, several styling options are available, including twists, twist-outs, Flexi rods, wash and go, finger coils, and braids. It is easy to add design parts to spice up your hairstyle or straighten it for cute bobs or pixies if you are bored with it.

·        Faster Styling

In addition to providing flexible styling, tapered cuts also require less time to style. Only half a head of curls needs to be styled, so styling time is minimal. When you only care for your top hair, you are able to simplify the process of washing, deep conditioning, and detangling it. Keeping your hair fresh can be made more accessible by trying out new hairstyles. It’s always a good thing when you can save time and look cute at the same time.

·        Use of less product

By conserving products, you’ll save not only time but also money. Natural hair enthusiasts have a myth that a dime-sized amount of product is all you need. However, a dime-sized amount works well for tapered haircuts. Due to the lack of hair, products last longer.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the length of time it takes to grow an afro?

Depending on the length of your hair, it could take many months before your hair grows long enough to achieve an actual afro. People’s hair grows about 1/2 inch per month on average, but it varies from person to person. It will take longer for your afro to grow out if your hair is curlier.

An Afro is a haircut, right?

Afro-American is the definition of the term “Afro.” Some refer to this hairstyle as a “natural,” especially in the shorter, more straightforward versions, since the kinks and curls of the hair are generally not altered by relaxers or straightening chemicals.