Diablo 4: everything

Last Updated on March 14, 2024 by Jawad Ali

While new entertainment alternatives emerge every day, there is already a simple option available to everyone: role-playing games or RPGs. These are games in which players assume the role of imaginary characters during the development of a story in which they interpret dialogues and describe their actions. Role-playing games help to enrich creativity, since in order to play them each player must immerse themselves in imaginary worlds in which oneself helps to create each element. Here the players are not only actors, they are editors, directors, screenwriters, etc. a different society. There is no pre-established plot as everything depends on the decisions of the players. There are many games and video games that belong to this genre, but the most iconic example of RPGs is Diablo.

First released in January 1997, this game made by Blizzard Entertainment is one of the oldest RPG games. In its development, Blizzard Entertainment has released Diablo, Diablo II, and Diablo III. As if wanting to reap the share of mobile games, early June last year, Blizzard released Diablo Immortal which allows us to cross-play on PC and mobile. And that’s not enough because in the middle of this year, Diablo 4 will be officially released, and Diablo 4 Gold has been available. Check out all the details that have already been confirmed for Diablo 4, from its gameplay and classes to references to old games in the series.

Diablo 4 was first officially announced during the BlizzCon 2019 game show with two trailers that show a little about its history and iconic gameplay. The game will bring the return of Lilith as the main villain, and presented a darker look, similar to the first chapters of the series. Check out all the details and news that have been confirmed so far.


The story of Diablo 4 picks up many years after the events of Diablo 3, after the world has been devastated by the Eternal Conflict between Heavenly Heaven and Burning Hell, and millions have died as a result of that war. A group of unsuspecting adventurers enter a dangerous chamber in search of treasure, but end up finding something more, a portal for summoning. Their sacrifices bring back a powerful force from the beginnings of the world: Lilith, the very creator of the world “Sanctuary” in which the game takes place.


Its classic isometric gameplay is known supported by dozens of monsters everywhere and gigantic bosses to defeat for powerful items. The unlimited progress system also returns, which allows players to get more and more powerful to face the game at higher difficulty levels. Cooperative modes were also confirmed to play with friends and PvP (Player vs Player) to face them. The world will have five interconnected regions with hundreds of dungeons and various legendary items. According to Blizzard president J. Allen Black, it will be possible to venture into the desert of Kehjistan, the forests of Scosglen teeming with werewolves and the Dry Steppes, an inhospitable territory for players.


Initially only three classes were revealed for the game: Barbarian, Mage, and Druid, with options to change the gender. The Barbarian remains focused on melee combat and has gained a new ability called “Arsenal” which grants him the ability to carry four weapons at once with the ability to quickly switch between them. The Barbarian, the Mage, and the Druid are the first confirmed classes for Diablo 4.

Mage returns from Diablo 2 with an array of elemental spells that involve freezing enemies, summoning fireballs from the skies, and transforming into electricity to deal all sorts of different damage. The Druid, on the other hand, is a popular class with the power to transform into creatures such as a bear or werewolf, in addition to having companions such as ravens and wolves. The producers even commented that it was a mistake not to have the Druid in Diablo 3 and that this angered the players.


In its announcement the game was confirmed only for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Despite Blizzard’s recent approach to Nintendo, there has been no mention of a Nintendo Switch port. It is possible that, like other popular titles recently, the game will also receive a version for Nintendo’s hybrid console in the future with some technical restrictions.

Reference to old games

Once the cinematic trailer starts, players will be able to see for a few seconds the classic Tristram cathedral where Diablo was imprisoned in the first game, a small easter egg left for fans. The new, darker look appears to be a return to the roots of Diablo 1 and 2, as players have complained that Diablo 3 is too colorful. One last thing, for those of you who want a better gaming experience, you can buy Diablo 4 Gold from P2Pah.com.