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Bay of Islands is a stunning and pleasing holiday destination with more than 140 subtropical islands in the North of New Zealand. It is one of the most loved, visited and popular summer destinations in New Zealand.

Bay of Island should be on one’s bucket list for those who love boat cruising, sailing, relaxing on picturesque islands, golden beaches for sunbathing, and sea to do water activities.

Boat Cruises in the Bay of Islands Packages

 Bay of Islands Day Cruise

The Bay of Islands is unquestionably a tourist haven with its stunning scenery and remote beaches. The area is the perfect setting for a cruise or boat tour on the sea due to its natural beauty and historical significance. One of the most well-liked Paihia boat trips is our Bay of Islands day cruise, which is the best way to spend your day on the water and take in the scenery.

The Bay of Island Day Cruise Tour lasts approximately 7 hours and is appropriate for all age groups. Cruise along turquoise bays and golden sands while enjoying mouth-watering BBQ of butterflied Northland lamb leg with seasonal grilled vegetable salad, chimichurri, hummus & ciabatta in the lunch, prepared by our experienced and certified chefs.

Bay of Island Gourmet Burger Buffet Cruise

What could be more relaxing and romantic than sailing over the sea across Waitangi’s eye-catching view while enjoying complimentary beverages and finger-licking gourmet burger buffet dinner in a luxurious Paihia boat? Don’t think of anything.

Our Sail Sunkiss is providing dinner boat cruise from Paihia is a perfect escape from the daily routine tasks and to avoid the midday sun. Moreover, you can also witness an unobstructed view of the golden hour from the unique vantage point while aboard with us on a Bay of Island gourmet burger buffet dinner cruise.

Bay of Island Dinner Cruise

Some of the most beautiful locations with well-known landscapes can be found in New Zealand. Furthermore, the Bay of Islands is a group of small islands with stunning destinations, picturesque views, amazing wild sea life (dolphins and orcas) and beaches to relax on. You can also enjoy watching nature wonder “the Golden hour” from the unique vantage point while relishing complimentary beverages and a delectable 3-course gourmet dinner onboard with us.

Our Bay of Island dinner cruise is a perfect getaway from the city’s hustle to enjoy a relaxing time with your friends, family or loved ones. The Bay of Island dinner boat tour provides a distinctive dining experience with lots of room to unwind and savour the evening.

Bay of Islands Cruise Overnight

Have you ever dreamt of sleeping in the ocean/sea and waking up to a dreamy sunrise from the water? If yes, then this boat cruise package is for you.

Enjoy the night with us on a popular private Paihia boat cruise. That said, experience the delicious dinner and complimentary drinks while soaking your eyes, watching the beautiful city lights and the clear night sky with studded stars.

This boat cruise package is perfect for tourists and people who want to enjoy their weekend with nature and loved ones. It’s a 3-day tour package with multiple water and in-land activities—a trip to the Bay of Islands to make Memories of a Lifetime.

Bay of Island Private Party Cruise

Do you wish to throw a lavish private party while sailing around the Bay of Islands, or are you looking for a getaway? Then booking a yacht rental is a fantastic choice. Our private yacht charter is large, with two-level vessels that can accommodate a small group of 13. All age groups are welcome.

In this, you can enjoy finding a space on the beach that allows you to use island time as you like. You can sunbathe, swim, explore the island on foot, hike, or try double kayaking and snorkelling if you’re up for an adventure.

Moreover, you can enjoy the entire Bay of the Island private party lunch cruise with a full bar while cruising with us and soaking your eyes in the stunning scenery and breathtaking night lights. Our skilled staff will ensure everything goes as planned regardless of the occasion—a birthday, Christmas, an engagement, or a hen party.

Activities to Do in Bay of Island

Moreover, the Bay of Islands is one of the best places to do adventure sports like parasailing at 1200 ft, paragliding from 20,000 ft, hiking to explore islands and exploring the islands’ wildlife. And when not exploring the Bay, you can take time out to cruise around the islands. Swim in the middle of the ocean, go sailing or kayaking or fishing, or you can try snorkelling to explore beautiful marine wildlife (especially dolphins and orcas) in the Bay of Islands Sailing activities.

The Northland area of New Zealand contains the small but gorgeous Bay of Islands district. You may find most of the region’s water-based activities in the coastal communities of Paihia and Waitangi. Russell, the historic first capital of New Zealand, is located across the water from Paihia. The towns of Kerikeri, Kawakawa, Kaikohe, and Kaeo are inland and provide various natural attractions, historical monuments, and delicious dining opportunities.

Some of the sports activities which you can do are:

  1. Cruise Around the Bay of Islands
  2. Visit Rainbow Falls
  3. Explore Urupukapuka Island
  4. Do skydiving from 20,000ft
  5. Go Parasailing at 1,200ft
  6. Go Scuba Diving or Snorkeling
  7. Kayak or Walk to Haruru Falls
  8. Parasail Over the Bay of Islands

Moreover, this activity is for you if you enjoy meeting new people, travelling, and learning about other cultures. Maori culture is the way of life and thinking of the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand, which dates back a thousand years. This society has a varied and rich culture. Carving, weaving, kapa haka, and whaikorero are examples of traditional arts (oratory). In contrast, moko (tattoo) is modern art. There are also more than 100 iwis (tribes), each of which has its unique history and culture.

Final Say

Lastly, the points mentioned above are some of the few things you can enjoy while visiting the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Therefore, it is rightly said that no trip to New Zealand is successful without visiting the Bay of Islands.

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