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Gutters mounted at the edge of the roof, are important to flow rainwater out of your house. After every few weeks they need to clean properly otherwise they would be clogged and cause many other destructions in your building.

The unclean and overflowing gutters block the water flow. This blockage causes water to enter the structure and freeze, this results in severe cracks in walls, roofs, foundations, and many other parts of the building.

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Causes of Clogging

Due to airflow, much debris like leaves, weeds, branches, seeds, and granules from the roof reaches the gutters and settles down there. If you do not manage to clean the gutters timely, birds make their nest and start living there.

Due to the above reasons, the gutters become clogged and damage your building parts that would need expensive repair. The simple and effective way to save yourself from any loss is to clean the gutters from any blocking debris material as your first priority.

Consequences of Unclean Gutters

When the gutters are overlooked and get clogged for a long period, the rain comes with a strong message of destruction. Instead of letting the rainwater flow, the clogged gutter lets it enter the building structure and causes various scary issues that are discussed below.

Roof Damage

Though excess rain has adverse effects on the roofs of houses, there has been a system of gutters made to tackle the problem. However, when not taken care of, the gutters get polluted and fail to perform their function. This brings along several problems with the roof.

To begin with, when the rainwater has nowhere to go, it persists within the roof shingles and damages them and causes cracks. These cracks allow the growth of molds which cause even more damage and attract bugs as well.

In addition, when the rainwater within the roof freezes, it causes the roof material to expand which weakens it even more. This causes water to seep through walls, leak and produce stains.

Structure Damage

When the accumulated water seeps through the walls and seepages of a building, it comes in contact with the steel rods supporting and specifically providing a framework to the building corroded.

The corroded and rusted rods cannot be repaired, thus the structural framework of a building ends up being damaged for life.

This permanent damage to the supporting structures destructs the overall structure of a building. Fascia boards that hold up the home gutters are another significant structures that are deteriorated and rot due to the accumulation of excess water.

Home For Pests

Water provides an optimum medium for the growth of microorganisms, molds, and mildews on the roof and walls of a building. These fungal growths attract bugs.

In addition to the walls and roof, the clogged gutters themselves are sources of pests. The stagnant water that has been stuck there for a long gives rise to all sorts of .germs, mosquitoes attract cockroaches along with termites that breed and cause damage to wooden structures of the building.

Welcome Unwanted Visitors

The accumulation of bugs can attract unwanted visitors. These are none other than rodents and mice. Consequently, rodents and mice attract stray cats. This creates a nasty environment, full of unwanted visitors.

Birds make their nest in polluted roofs and gutters. As a result, birds’ nests have higher levels of CO2, attracting insects and parasites.

The water gives rise to moss and algal growth. Frogs are likely to be found in such places.

Flooded Basement

Gutters being clogged, cause an overflow of water into the basements of a building and result in basement flooding.

This water brings along filth, twigs, leaves, and trash inside the basement and pollutes it. This flooded water can seep through the walls of the house, cause cracks and make them dank.

With the flowing of this water inside, bugs, molds, and, mildews make their way into the building and severely befoul it. This creates an environmental hazard giving rise to various diseases and triggering allergies.

Insurance Doesn’t Cover the Loss

Not having insurance is a big loss. This is because the damage that comes along due to rainwater and clogged gutters is irreversible.

It damages the entire structure and might also cause wearing out of accessories and appliances that are within a house or any other building. It is because of such mismanagement that houses along with other valuables are affected.

There can be insurance for one or the other thing but not for all of them which is a huge loss. The only way to prevent these irreparable damages is to maintain and clean the sewerages and gutters.

Bad Smell All-Around

The stagnant water as discussed earlier gives rise to fungal, algal, and, moss growth. Certain insects attract rodents that also contribute to the smell.

In Addition to these growths, there can be found bacteria and certain germs that reside in the water, perform their metabolisms and thus produce unpleasant smells.

The fungus growth in wood causes it to rot which causes it to stink. These factors all together contribute to producing an awful smell all around.

Allergies, Infections, and Diseases

Human skin is generally highly allergic to fungal and bacterial microbes. Their presence due to a poor hygienic environment created by rainwater can result in severe allergic reactions. They can cause deadly viral, fungal, and bacterial diseases.

Malaria and dengue are amongst the most common diseases caused by poor sanitation and stagnant water. The stagnant water is home to mosquitoes that carry and spread these diseases.

Jaundice and gastrointestinal infections such as typhoid and cholera are also waterborne diseases.

Followed by these, viral infections such as cold and cough spread rapidly in addition to leptospirosis and conjunctivitis’s some cases. Water provides a medium for the transmission of E. coli, bacteria that cause severe gastrointestinal abnormalities.


The above discussion elaborates enough on the importance of maintaining and cleaning gutters. This maintenance will not only protect the structure of a house but also prevent it from creating an environment with severely poor hygiene.

This will assure the stability of houses despite heavy rains as well as protection from deadly water-borne diseases, infections, and allergies. The Perfect Pressure Works, LLC provides customized cleaning services based on your unique demands, including pressurized water stimulation, different water temperatures, and tested cleaning agents to provide clean, dust-free outcomes at affordable prices.

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