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Are you planning to buy platinum oval engagement rings or a 2ct diamond ring? This article will give you five things to understand before purchasing a diamond engagement ring. You will first need to know the 4cs, pick the shape and cut of a diamond engagement ring, the types of setting, and more. Keep reading to learn more.

Things to Understand Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

5 Things to Understand Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring?

Understand the 4Cs

Whether you want to buy a 2ct diamond ring or platinum oval ring, you always need to understand the 4cs. These are the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. These are the world’s standards for accessing the diamond’s quality and allow you to compare diamonds.

After you have understood the 4cs, the next step is asking yourself what is the most critical C to you. Please prioritize these 4cs because they will help you quickly eliminate some diamonds from your list. Understanding the 4cs before purchasing a 2ct diamond ring or any other is worth your time. Being able to understand this will help you buy a diamond ring with confidence.

Know the Difference Between the Shapes, Cutting Styles, and the Cut Quality of the Diamond

Before buying a diamond engagement ring, you will need to know the difference between the diamond’s shape, cutting style, and cut quality. The shape tends to describe the outline of the diamond described when it is viewed face-up. However, there are known fancy shapes, including the marquise, pear, rectangle, square, and oval diamond engagement rings.

The cutting style typically is how the facet of the diamond is arranged. For instance, round diamonds’ most common facet arrangements are standard brilliant cutting with specific arrangements. The cut quality, on the other hand, is how the facet of the diamond interacts with the light.

Choose the Metal for the Band

The type of metal you select for an engagement ring band tends to affect the complete look of the piece. The white gold and platinum metals are popular and have been for years. And both make for a sleek. If you placed one of these diamonds in a yellow prong, the metal would appear more yellowish. Therefore if you love the color gold, consider that white metal prong.

Here are a few details regarding these metals.

Platinum metal is typically grey. It is elegant, durable, and resists corrosion. If you compare it to white gold, platinum is more expensive than gold and is hypoallergenic and durable.

On the other hand, gold has been used as jewelry for many years. It is popular due to its color, rarity, and luster. It is soft and usually alloyed with other metals. The karat is a word used to state the fineness of gold metals and is based on 24 parts.

Rose gold is typically an alloy of gold with copper and silver. The metal generally is more durable than yellow gold and is known to complement any skin tone. Companies tend to guide their unique blends closely.

White gold is an alloy of purified gold and white metals like palladium or silver. The metal is lovely and lasts longer. It is plated with rhodium metal to give it a better shine and shield it from scratching. This tends to wear out as time passes and will need replating.

Select the Setting

The setting holds the diamond in place in engagement rings. The setting typically has two jobs: to highlight the beauty of diamonds and protect it from destruction. Separate settings offer different degrees of protection. The following are common types of settings;

  • Prong; in this setting type, the diamond is held with four to six prongs. There are many interpretations of prong settings, including the cathedral setting.
  • Halo setting
  • Bezel

Choose Side Stones

Side stones are the best way to dress up an engagement ring. They provide a dash of beauty, generating a sophisticated appearance. The most popular choices are the channel or pave set diamonds in the ring’s shank, diamond baguettes on either side of the center stone, and colored gems in any configuration. If you are looking for the diamond side that looks like the center of the stone, choose one that grades near the center diamond color, clarity, and cut.

Final Thought

Above are five major things you must consider before buying platinum oval engagement rings or the 2ct engagement ring. Make sure to follow these tips and many others online carefully. You also must ensure that your ring is well insured before buying it. This will help you to receive some compensation if you lost it or if it gets stolen. The insurer will need a diamond grading report before they send you a message. Therefore, ensure that your purchase comes with one.

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