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There are few constants in life. One is that it always seems to be Monday again. Another is that work isn’t always the most exciting place to be. And while looking at a clock and counting down the minutes until you can finally duck home shouldn’t be a daily ritual, getting out of work with a smile shouldn’t feel like some lucky occurrence, either.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Employers often think that employees are too busy to take a break and enjoy the company of their co-workers. But the truth is, happy employees are entertained by their work environment, feel challenged and valued by their superiors, and can count on some fun activities throughout the day. That’s why employers should make work entertaining for employees.

1. Celebrate Wins

Employees enjoy working when their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. Encourage your employees to share their successes. Email them. Ask them to email tips on how they did something that impressed you. If a project is successful, treat your employees to an extra day off at the end of the month.

Introduce awards like custom plaques to be given in a quarterly celebration and hand these out to the best workers and brightest talents, making them feel appreciated. Holding a quarterly competition between departments is also a great way to boost morale. You could award the department with the highest sales or even have a prize for the team with the most innovative idea for increasing company sales.

2. Organize an Office Sports Team

Some people enjoy playing sports, but it’s difficult to inspire them to work harder when they aren’t regularly playing. You might come up with a new kind of competition for your employees. Perhaps encourage them to play a game or two around the office during lunch or after working hours; that way, the competition will be closer and more engaging.

Instead of the game being solely for fun, you can make it a competition that awards prizes to those who win. You might create a raffle with prizes like gift certificates to restaurants or sporting events. It’s all relative, but think of an activity your employees enjoy and see if you can develop something that encourages them to work together instead of against each other.

3. Build a Game Room

When people work hard all day, they can get burned out, but a game room will motivate them to come in on their days off. Turn one of your conference rooms into a gaming area, then set up tournaments and other fun activities throughout the year. Workplace tournaments offer more than prizes; they’ll refresh your employees and make them feel comfortable at work again. It’s ideal to have everyone working together, but if certain employees can’t participate, you could always include spectators.

Another great way to hold tournaments is to divide the office into teams based on who works well together and schedule weekly matches between them. Doing this will encourage your team members to meet their colleagues more closely to strengthen the team.

4. Decorate the Office Space

If your employees don’t have a sense of ownership over their work, they’re not as likely to be motivated to do well. You can combat this by allowing employees to decorate their own office space. Buy different kinds of inexpensive decorations in bulk and allow your employees to pick what they want, or ask them to all chip in together and buy something big, like a fish tank.

It might sound silly, but this makes a big difference to your employees. If the office looks more fun and less severe, you’ll see an extra push from your staff. Think about adding funky lighting and fun furniture that will help everyone relax. This is especially important if you have workaholics in your company.

5. Establish Funny Traditions

The goal is to build camaraderie among co-workers, and friendly competition will do the trick. For example, you might ask your employees to dress in costume for office parties or establish a tradition where your company has a snowball fight out in front at Christmas.

It can sometimes be challenging to make new friends in the office, but it becomes easier if you create traditions that everyone participates in. For example, maybe there’s a bingo game every Friday after lunch, or you can play a fun icebreaker game each time you meet. These simple ideas will cheer your employees and make them feel more comfortable around the office.

In conclusion, many ways to make work more entertaining for your employees. Thinking creatively and remembering that good food, fun games, and a friendly atmosphere will motivate your team to work together.

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