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The human body is blessed with an incredible capacity to heal, but our modern life makes it difficult for many to harness that potential. Acupuncture in Sherwood Park is an ancient practice that is rooted in the ancient practice of Chinese medicine that helps to increase the natural healing capacity. Through balancing the body mind and spirit and returning the balance of energy Acupuncture is a great way to help individuals achieve their optimal wellness without the need for medication or other invasive procedures.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture makes use of tiny needles placed through the skin to the body to balance its energy. The needles are placed at certain points on the body that are aligned with the energy points. This activates the body’s healing abilities aiding in restoring harmony to the body and mind.

14 Health Benefits of Acupuncture in Sherwood Park

If you’re thinking about an acupuncture treatment as a first-time experience, then you could be curious about these methods. Here are a few health benefits you can reap in the event of receiving an acupuncture in Sherwood Park:

1. Reduced Stress

One of the primary motives patients seek acupuncture in Sherwood Park treatments is to decrease the stress levels. Restoring energy balance and activating the nervous system to respond is an important factor in decreasing the body’s stress response. According to Health Line studies have discovered that acupuncture reduces stress hormone levels and enhances mood to decrease anxiety and boost happiness.

2. Reduced Back and Joint Pain

The relief of pain is among the most significant advantages of Acupuncture. It can ease tension in the neck and back and ease joint pain. It is a non-medicated method to treat common pain issues. It also helps reduce inflammation in the affected areas.

3. Headache Relief

Patients suffering from migraines and headaches that are chronic and don’t want prescription medication in their treatment plan may be able to find relief from acupuncture treatments. Numerous studies published in the National Institutes of Health found that acupuncture therapy was effective in reducing the severity and frequency of headaches for sufferers who have chronic headaches. It is also more effective than pain-reducing for treating tension headaches.

4. Improved Eye Health

The issue of eye strain is typical issue in today’s world due to the heavy dependence on screen phones and computers. Acupuncture can reduce eye strain and can help enhance vision for those with eye problems such as night blindness or lazy eyes.

5. Enhanced Mental Clarity

The condition of brain fog is caused by stress and other issues can rob a person of mental clarity, which makes it difficult to concentrate. Acupuncture can help improve mental clarity and decrease the likelihood of suffering from brain fog.

6. Reduce Symptoms of Neurological Disorders

A neurological disorder, like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases can have a significant impact on the life of a patient. Acupuncture can be a viable alternative option to treat these illnesses. Clinical studies have revealed improvements in motor function and language of patients suffering from a variety of neurological disorders and ailments who seek treatment with acupuncture.

7. Reduce an Individual’s Risk of Falling Ill

Patients who regularly undergo acupuncture treatment have a lower chance of becoming sick due to the fact that it boosts your body’s natural immune system reactions. When a person encounters a bacterium or virus and the body is more in its ability to fight off the infection and they are less likely to become sick.

8. Fewer Digestive Problems

Heartburn, constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome are the most common digestive disorders for modern-day people. If you’re digestive system doesn’t seem to be functioning properly then the overall condition of your health wellbeing is affected. Acupuncture treatments can help regulate digestive health and relieve these common illnesses.

9. Increased Energy

After receiving acupuncture people may notice an increase of energy. It can make people be more productive at work or at home.

10. Better Sleep

If the body’s energy is in equilibrium as well as the body’s nervous system stimulated, a lot of people will have more ability to fall asleep in the late at night. Acupuncture has been proven through scientific studies that it can benefit those suffering from insomnia. Some results have shown that acupuncture has more benefits for sufferers than medications for sleep.

11. Relief from Allergies

Patients suffering from allergies can benefit from Acupuncture to boost their immune system prior to time for allergy season to begin. When used with allergy medicines acupuncture may help to lessen the symptoms of allergies after the attack starts.

12. Controlling Blood Pressure

Blood pressure levels that are rising are a major issue in our modern society, with stress-inducing jobs and increasing obesity. Acupuncture treatment that is regular and consistent with medical treatments of the cardiovascular system could assist in reducing blood pressure. It helps to maintain proper blood flow and function of the heart and, at times, can be more efficient than medications in reducing blood pressure.

13. Enhancing Fertility

Couples trying to get pregnant could have quicker results when using treatments using acupuncture. Acupuncture is a great way to boost the production of hormones that stimulate reproduction and the subsequent treatments will help to ensure a healthy pregnancy after women conceive.

14. Improved Healing After Medical Procedures

Acupuncture can help people who have undergone surgery or received cancer treatment recover faster after treatments. The immunity system and wellness boost provided by acupuncture stimulates your body’s healing capabilities to speed up healing.


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