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Relocation – Yay! Goods and Vehicle Shifting – Ouch!

Although moving is a welcome change, the process is not easy and can surely give a hard time to someone who wishes to shift. “Also, one of the third houses in Indiaowns a two-wheeler. According to the ICE 360 survey 2016, despite having cars, many four-wheeler owners prefer to use their motorcycles to reach work. This ultimate driving machine offers riders a sense of solitude and comfort. Also, bikes can fit in tight spaces because of their small and nimble size, allowing riders to avoid traffic congestion and reach their destination on time.

When moving elsewhere, riders can’t think of leaving their bikes behind because of the convenience, affordability, and freedom on the road it offers. But it is also the stage from where the hustle begins to find the best way to transport bikes in India. So, if you are among those riders, this piece of reading is for you. Find out reliable bike shipping methods.

The three most popular ways of bike shipping in India are — rail, road, and air. An ideal means entirely depends on the individual’s priorities, preferences, and budget. For instance:

  1. As far as fast shipping is concerned, air transportation is unbeatable. It offers the highest standard of reliability and safety while getting your driving machine delivered promptly. Vehicle relocation through the air is highly costly, which is its drawback, as not everyone who wants to relocate can send their motorcycles by air.
  2. As far as affordability is concerned, you can either choose rail or road for bike shifting. Both are reliable and pocket-friendly options. Let’s read to get a good understanding of both shipping means:

Pros and cons of bike transportation by road

Road transportation is one of the most popular transportation modes in the supply chain because of the convenience and speedy delivery it offers. You get door-to-door shipping services by approaching an auto shipping company. Transport motorcycles between large towns and the most rural areas are only possible by road transport. As every coin has two sides, road shipping services also have some disadvantages as it is vulnerable to adverse weather. Plus, it is much exposed to outer elements.

Pros and cons of bike shipping by train

Rail is the most economical, safest, eco-friendly, and reliable mode of bike shipping. There are two ways of shipping bikes: luggage and parcels. The delivery cost would be far lower when motorcycles are shipped as a package. Though the luggage option is a bit expensive as compared to the parcel, but you will get your two wheeler as soon as the train reaches the destination. The only drawback associated with the train is that the process is time-consuming, and many formalities are required to ship and get your bike back.

Role of an Auto transportation company

According to studies, people consider rail as a suitable mode of transportation. Thus, they chose it over the road. Considering that, several auto shifting companies in India offer road and rail transportation services to their customers so that they ship their vehicles to the next point without compromising their convenience and putting their bikes at risk. Find out the advantages of moving your bike with a reliable mover:

  1. Ensuring convenience with the complete door-to-door relocation facility
  2. Shipping with utmost safety with excellent end-to-end shipping services
  3. 100% Assurance of safe bike shipping
  4. Financial safety net with insurance coverage
  5. Guaranteed on-time bike delivery
  6. Flexible and digital payment gateways with COD option
  7. Value-added services such as GPS tracker and chatbots with human assistance

Factors affecting bike relocation charges

Several factors affect the cost of bike shifting by train or road, such as distance, bike model, quality of packaging material, the workforce involved in the process, types of vehicle container (open or enclosed), time and season of shipping, delivery time-frame, transit insurance, etc. Approach five or more auto shipping companies in order to get multiple quotes for price and service comparison and save up to 25-30% on shipping.

Concluding Remark

We hope you found the article a good read and insightful. You can give a thought to these options and choose the one you find the most ideal, concerning your budget and preferences.

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