Epoxy Resin Tables

Last Updated on May 20, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

The aura of the epoxy resin table is stunning and astounding because it looks great in the middle of the living room. There are many modes of epoxy resin tables but the most famous and attractive one is the river resin table. Let’s find out what is the epoxy resin table.

The river resin table is a unique and eye-catching furniture item in your house. It is simply made of wood in its natural shape and the other part is made with epoxy resin with blue pigments to give it a river look. The wood planks have been placed on both sides of the table in the position where the middle part remains empty. The blue epoxy resin is filled in the empty part and thus it looks like the river flowing on the land.

You can buy epoxy resin tables in Canada from the best epoxy table manufacturers, HouseOfShrinay. Just search the river table near me. These tables are luxurious and give a modern touch to your house. It’s not just about the price but the look of the river resin table is so amazing that you even place this kind of table in modern-day restaurants, clubs, or many other places. The design of these tables is so versatile that they can be placed anywhere in any event. But the majority of people place wood resin tables in their houses or offices to place a great impact on their guests and clients.

Choosing the right wood is important

50-70% of the epoxy resin table is made of wood so the manufacturer needs to choose the right wood which should be strong and durable enough to keep the table stand for years.

Choose a natural wooden board or a board fashioned from a tree trunk for your epoxy resin river tables (at least 1.5 – 1.7 inches thick). Natural edge barks on the wood add a beautiful touch to any project. A wood dealer, furniture maker, carpenter shop, or the internet are all good places to find raw wooden planks. Another option is to purchase two attractive wooden boards with a slight curve on one side from a hardware store and cut them to size using a jigsaw. Remember that boards made from wood must be completely dry before you begin working with them.

Patching Up and Sealing Wooden Surfaces

Epoxy resin should be used to fill in any gaps or crevices in the epoxy resin table top. A colored or colorless crystal-clear epoxy resin can be used to fill these. Using very strong and durable adhesive tape, seal the edges to smooth out any imperfections in the more inaccessible locations. To prevent resin from dripping over the sides, do this.

If you want to make sure the edges stay sealed, use a resin that dries quickly. It will stop the dye mixture from seeping into the wood and coloring it. Transparent resin should be used to seal the wood once the cracks have fully cured. It will provide a thick layer of protection for the entire timber structure. It is because of this minor adjustment that wood will not off-gas. After you’ve sealed it, let it a few hours to dry in a warm room (between 17 and 24 degrees Celsius).

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