INDIBA Active Cell Therapy

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The medical field has done wonders for mankind. From X-rays machines to antibiotics, from open heart surgeries to plastic surgeries, it has made life easier. You have found tons of articles and blogs on medical treatments and procedures. However, there are still many medical procedures you might be unaware of.

Similarly, INDIBA is a magical treatment that possesses a wide array of benefits for you. Perhaps it’s very new for you but don’t fret out. Because we have penned down the article containing all the information regarding Indiba Active Cell Therapy. 

It’s a medical procedure used to treat and cure various medical conditions. In fact, you may have found that many trusted healthcare centers just like Carrie’s Healing Café used it to cure patients.

INDIBA Active Cell Therapy (INDIBA)

It’s basically a miracle. It’s an electromagnetic therapy and medical experts approved it after years of testing and experimenting. It has gone under various rigorous scientific procedures before being implemented on patients.

It’s a certified treatment for many health issues such as sports injuries, and degenerative conditions and is also used in treating skin issues. 

Also, it’s a great way to reduce the stubborn fat that you can get rid of through exercise and diet. You might be thinking about how electromagnetic therapy works well on humans. Or, does it affect the body, or does a person will get an eclectic shock if undergoes the INDIBA treatment? Here is an answer to all your queries. 

Human body cells, arteries or capillaries, and tissues contain electric properties that lead the bio-system of the body to react to electromagnetic fields. In fact, the nervous system reacts to electrical impulses.

It’s an interesting fact and you might be surprised after knowing that wounds, bruises, or injuries also generate weak electric current when they generate new cells for recovery. That’s the reason, it’s the most effective and leading therapy to treat wound injuries. It’s the most successful and proven way to treat sports injuries.

A lot of big names such as Rafael Nada, Francisco Javier, and more use INDIBA to cure their medical conditions. 

According to the INDIBA Asia managing director Charles Chin; Many top athletes use this therapy to boost their performance because it’s less painful and very effective. It’s not that Indiba is only effective for athletes and mainly available to cure sportspersons.

But they are more vulnerable to injuries and they are at higher risk of broken bones and fractures. But, thankfully, Indiba enables the sportsperson to get up and bounce back like a pro.

Talking about the athletic career, Indiba is handy because recovering soon from the injuries prolonged the career span of professional athletes. 

Other than curing professional athletes, here are some other benefits it offers to the patients. Indiba healing therapy works in three distinctive ways including:

  • Chronic pro-inflammatory’ to ‘anti-inflammatory 
  • Stimulates the formation of new blood vessels and 
  • Stimulates the production of collagen

Most of the time, severe wounds and accidents can’t be treated with other methods, and here comes the role of Indiba therapy. Using three different modes of therapy, medical practitioners ease the pain of the patients.

When a patient goes through Indiba, the energy delivered by the therapy increases the blood flow and reduces the production of edema. It is fluid between tissues and with the reduction of it, the damaged tissues become elastic and start reviving.

How does INDIBA Works?

You might be curious about how it works. In indiba, the practitioner attached two electrodes to the body of the patient. One electrode is managed by the therapists while the other is passive and remains attacked in the same place during the entire process.

Now, the therapist starts stimulating the electrical current through the electrodes to boost the healing process of the targeted area.

The entire procedure is easy and completed in 45 minutes whereas it doesn’t cause any pain to the patients. The only sensation a patient feels during the procedure is a warm, comfortable feeling. According to the experts, it’s effective and works better when applied for a short span of time.

INDIBA Serves Multiple Purposes

Besides treating injuries and boosting the healing process, here are some other benefits one can get from Indiba. Indiba therapy is well-known for treating and engineering skin tissues. It means it enhances the aesthetics of the face or the entire body.

In middle age women or men as well, sagging skin and wrinkles are the primary signs of aging because of the drastic loss of collagen. So, it’s important to slow down the aging process to get glowy skin. And, you can pause or vanish the signs of aging to appear on your skin by taking Indiba therapy sessions.

In fact, women face a lot of other issues too such as menopause which often increase the fat which causes obesity. Obesity itself is the most disturbing issue faced by people whether men or women and affected people undergo several risky treatments to get rid of it. 

The drawbacks of aging are not limited to the skin or fat only. For instance, the increase in weight causes enlargement to the upper layer of the dermis or dermal layer. The deterioration in the dermal skin leads to sagging which is a root cause of other issues too. So, to treat aging, Indiba induces bio-stimulation.

The induction of bio-stimulation gives rise to the activation of metabolism, collagen, and fibroblasts. The internal changes such as microcirculation, hyper-activation, and tissue detoxification improve oxygen flow that eliminates toxins, fulfill the needs of the body and slow down the aging process. 

In addition, The electromagnetic energy of INDIBA therapy deeply penetrated the skin without damaging it. The injection of the electromagnetic energy instantly tightens up the skin which is archived by the addition and contraction of collagen through the therapy.

The Bottom Line

It’s a miraculous treatment that not only covers the recovery and aging issues but sucks out the excess fat from the body. With the help of electrodes, therapists melt the stubborn fat deposit on the body. But, the bottom line is getting it done by a professional is important. Only consult with trusted medical centers such as Carrie’s Healing Café to make things work in your favor.

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