How To Build A Perfect Landing Page For SEO

Last Updated on April 9, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Whenever we are scrolling through the internet, we often land ourselves on the landing pages of a website, by a Google Search for something, or by a click on an ad. The primary aim of the landing page is to aid in converting the users into potential customers and leads. It is where you need the SEO Gold Coast services that play the most potential role in helping you with your digital marketing strategies.

There are greater chances of your business or service being easily visible on online searches, especially when you create SEO-friendly landing pages. Essentially, being found by individuals who are actively in search of information about whatever you are offering is done through a landing page.

So, what does a Landing Page mean?

Initially, a landing page is mainly a web page with specific purposes to help internet users land on whatever they are interested in particular offers. It differs entirely from the other specific pages, including the blog posts, and it is mainly intended to encourage action or a purchase.

The landing page is not considered one of your site’s primary pages; it is a single page separate, with a URL on a specific topic. For example, a squeeze page or a microsite is almost similar to the landing page, while they just have different terms.

Why is a landing page a necessity?

The landing page is how it makes sure that the internet users are finding out about business and their offerings. An SEO-friendly landing page, when created professionally, is the ideal way to achieve higher rankings on the search engines for relevant keywords to your domain. Mainly, the landing pages are built with the keywords that are being derived through the search intents that are closer to purchases.

The primary goals of the landing page are in generating or converting leads.

If you create a separate landing page, you are removing distractions of every kind, including navigation and linking to other sites. In addition, it allows you to capture the visitors’ attention, which is essential for you to guide them back wherever you require or want them to.

Below are a few practical and potential tips to create a good landing page.

1. Establishing a content plan for the long-term

In the initial phase, you need to have a transparent content strategy that you need to follow, including clear goals for the landing pages you wish to create. However, you will also need to plan for your articles and blog posts.

Uploading content regularly that is relevant to your business and to the viewers of your domain, where you need full authority. Google can easily recognize over time that you have become an expert professional in this field with rewards for better rankings on the search engines.

2. Use of smaller sentences and multiple paragraphs

The optimal landing pages have brilliant and shorter texts. These can add value and quiet information; however, they should never appear cluttered on the page. You can browse the internet to check out a few enticing landing pages.

3. Using better testimonials

The prospects should learn about your business or use your offers by offering compelling reasons. Along with the strong arguments, reviews from customers and other seals of approvals add to your reputation while going down quite well. Reveal some unique propositions for selling compared to what your competitors offer your customers.

4. Always use calls to action or CTAs

 A “call-to-action is a necessity across every landing page. In many circumstances, a straightforward call to purchase might be aggressive. Alternatively, provide a contact form or color scheme “icons” promising a free estimate, for example. The options remain numerous and primarily rely on your aim and offer.

5. Use proper link alignments

Avoid using external links to direct your competitors to your landing pages. Since you need not give your customers an insight to look elsewhere instead of purchasing from you. Internal links are recommended to boost your site’s authority as they lead directly to your site.

6. Include the landing page with SEO-friendly relevant keywords

Frequent keyword research elevates your plain landing page to the status of an SEO homepage. It enables you to consistently enhance your website’s Google ranking, resulting in more visitors, views, and prospects. Insert your phrases in the content, preferably in the headings. Concentrate on one relevant keyword and 1-3 supplementary phrases. Don’t overuse it since Google is sophisticated enough to detect “keyword stuffing.”

7. Practice content optimization for Google & Readers

Your targeted customer should instantly start to identify whatever the page is about. Reading through it is pretty easy and fun. Therefore, always use simple language and directly explain them with your offers. The images are best; however, adding the Alt Tag on the HTML allows the search engines to identify them based on the descriptions quickly.

8. Proper URL Designs

Always use a short URL name, including your primary search terms. It should never be lengthy or blocked by the Robots Sitemaps or XML. These URLs should appear legitimate and not in any way suspicious else. The user is most likely to start aborting before launching there.

9. Always remember about the loading time & mobile views

Always ensure that everything is operating seamlessly at the backend. For instance, if redirecting to the landing page takes much time, or your videos keep loading, it indicates a poor user experience. Continually optimize your landing page based on mobile usage while several online users search through their mobiles.

10. Add a social media link

Consider your intended group’s age range and activities while using social media. Almost everybody enjoys spending time on social media. However, various demographics favor Facebook over Instagram and inversely. Where would your intended audience prefer to congregate? It is the perfect setting for advertising or linking your service!

11. Include your landing page in the sitemap

Was indeed your landing page included in the sitemap? Or else, you need to add it since. Otherwise, Google won’t be able to discover and display your material. We may also perform this stage as part of our Technical SEO Service.

Final thoughts

A good SEO approach done with the help of SEO Gold Coast services is constantly the key to reaching your successful goals, even if you’re developing unique independent pages, loading your blog with amazing continuous content, or developing landing pages that bring success.

However, no SEO strategy must ever be the same. Market developments, algorithm upgrades, and shifting customer expectations necessitate a periodic review of your approach to guarantee it continues to be effective.