Reed Diffuser Boxes

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Custom Reed Diffuser Boxes for Wedding Gifts and Home Decorations. Reed Diffuser Box is an aromatherapy diffuser that can be. Used to create wonderful scents in your home and around your office space. While many people have their favorite scents and oils that they use in Reed Diffusers. You may also want to give someone a personalized gift. If so, order a Custom Reed Diffuser Box from our store today! Our Custom Reed Diffuser Boxes come with everything you need to get started making wonderful scent blends.

What Are Reed Diffusers?

Reed diffusers are a great gift or decoration to give someone. They come in many different scents, sizes, shapes, and styles. I offer custom boxes to house the diffuser that can be used as a wedding gift or decorative item in your home.

The custom box comes with your choice of design on the front and you can choose between four colors on the inside. The box is also made out of 100% recycled materials!

Custom Reed Diffuser Boxes

How to DIY your own custom box reed diffusers:

Custom reed diffuser boxes are a fun way to decorate your home or wedding gift. They only take ten minutes to create at home. Here’s how:

1) Gather some supplies – clean, dry jars with lids, water, essential oils, ribbon, glue stick, and dried lavender.

2) Fill jars halfway with water.

3) Add one or two drops of essential oil to each jar. 4) Insert reeds into the jar on the bottom and top.

Step 1: Buy a Glass Container:

If you’re looking to make a custom reed diffuser box, the first step is to purchase a glass container. The size of the glass container will be determined by how many reeds you want to use. A quart-sized jar can hold up to 50 reeds, while a pint-sized jar can hold up to 30 reeds. Using more reeds will increase the intensity of your fragrance as well as the length of time it lasts.

If you are ordering a glass container, choose one that is made of heat-resistant glass. This type of glass will resist shattering even if it gets cold or hot. To make things easier on yourself, you can get a reusable glass container. By using a reusable container, you won’t have to worry. About breaking or washing a new jar every time you use your reed diffuser box.

Step 2: Pour the Water + Oil Mixture Into the Container:

Fill your water container to the desired level with the water. Add the oil mixture from step 1. Screw on the top of your custom reed diffuser box and wait for a few minutes before you can use it. That’s it!
You can also purchase reed diffusers that come pre-filled with oil, but you may find that it is less expensive to make your own.

If you are using essential oils in your custom-made reed diffuser boxes, there are certain types of oil that don’t mix well with water. These include citrus oils, clove, cinnamon, and peppermint. Also, remember not to use too much of any particular type of oil. Only a couple of drops go quite far.

The reeds themselves should be placed above your water-oil mixture so that they do not sit in it. They need air to survive, but they must also be covered with oil in order to diffuse their scent through your home. Different reed diffusers have different instructions on how to place them into your custom reed diffuser boxes. Be sure to check those instructions before you begin.

Step 3: Add reeds and cap off with the lid:

Add reeds to the box and cap off with the lid. If you are giving a reed diffuser as a gift. This is a good time to personalize the bottle by adding labels or stickers. Now your custom reed diffusing box is ready to use!

To use, simply remove the lid from the reed diffusing box and add 5-6 drops of the essential oil blend. Fill the bottle with water (or use enough to submerge reeds). Put on the cap, shake gently until your desired level of scent is reached, and enjoy! In just a few minutes, your custom reed diffusing box. Will turn into a fragrant piece of decor that anyone will enjoy.

Step 4: Let Set for Three Days (or more if you want):

The following is a quick tutorial on how to make your own custom reed diffuser boxes. Please note that this is a fairly time-consuming process, but the result is well worth the effort.
Reed diffusers are great for wedding favors or home decoration. Because they last about six months and the scent can be. Customized to any preference. You may feel good about your purchase because they are also environmentally friendly!

Here are some custom-made reed diffusers using these methods. I encourage you to try them out! If you do, please post a comment on my website. It would be great to hear what kind of scents. You decide to make your own custom scented reed diffusers!

Clean up & Enjoy:

Custom Boxes are great for any occasion, but especially so when you want to give someone a gift. Even if you make the box yourself. It’s very likely that you’ll. Need to buy a few supplies. (e.g., cardstock, ribbon) in order to complete the project.
If you’re looking for a quick way to dress up your home. With custom fragrance without having to go out. And buy new scents, then these custom reed diffuser boxes are perfect!

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