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Everyone is looking for the best advice on photographing cosmetics and makeup products, whether you want to take stunning pictures of mascara or sophisticated pictures of perfume.

Photographers can improve their results with beauty product photography by employing these methods, which range from pre-shoot preparation to the use of tried-and-true compositional tools.

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Clean the Product 

Until you got right up close to a product, you wouldn’t believe how much dirt, dust, and fingerprints you could see on it.

It’s important to clean the product well before filming starts, so that time and effort aren’t wasted. After wiping the product down with a damp cloth (we usually use a little methylated spirit), we give it a quick blast with an air can or something similar to get rid of any dust or dirt that is still on it.

If you need to move or adjust the product during the shoot, you can keep your fingerprints and dust from getting on it by wearing jewelry store gloves. As eCommerce photography needs to be very precious as customers will buy the product if they feel it is safe and clean. 


Choosing the right background for a product photo shoot is an important step that can seem easier than it is. If you want to sell something, you need creative packaging that doesn’t take away from the product.

If you’re shooting for a client, the art director has probably already decided on the color and texture of the background. If you’re shooting on your own, you should think carefully about these things.

You can often use MDF boards, acrylic sheets, or even a wall as the background for the projects. All of these are great options for smooth, even backgrounds. You can also make your own backdrops out of things like paper rolls, canvas, or wooden boards for makeup product photography.

Boost the quality 

Commonly used in commercial product photography, shooting from a low angle gives the product an air of heroic majesty. The camera can be positioned lower, or the product can be propped up with blocks or other objects.

  • Make use of longer pipes in the fourth position
  • Focusing at close range when photographing tiny objects is especially challenging.
  • The use of macro lenses is one solution to this issue, but it is far from the only one. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a macro lens, you can get the same effect by using an extension tube.
  • While macro lenses are undoubtedly superior in terms of quality, extension tubes are much more wallet-friendly.

Submit For Final Editing And Polish

No matter how good your camera is, and you’ll always need to do some post-processing and retouching after you’ve taken the final picture. As with beauty product photography, a buyer will only spend money on a product if it looks smooth and real.

Retouching and polishing images is an important part of photography, and you might be surprised by how much a small change, like changing the contrast or color, can change the way the picture looks.

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