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The demand for packaging is increasing every year by 4.0 percent almost and it is estimated that by the year 2022, the global market value of the industry will cross $120 billion. Thanks to the custom boxes made of cardboard the manufacturers are able to fulfill this increasing demand with precision. These containers are being used in every major business sector of the world whether it is food, cosmetics, clothing, toys, electronics, and cargo. The reason for such cartons being so popular is that they are trusted by the manufacturers and liked by the consumers because of their unique characteristics. Below are mentioned some key features that will underline the significant roles these boxes are playing in packaging life.

An Antique Yet Trusted Packaging for Cardboard Boxes

The custom boxes made out of cardboard boxes stock, which is well-known today, were first introduced to the world in 1817. For more than two centuries now they have become the most trusted type of packaging. Over time, they have evolved not in their shape only but also in the safety of the product that is packed in them.

Customization Opportunities for Cardboard Boxes

Customization opportunities can be availed to make these containers suitable for the product according to their shape and size and more attractive and presentable. Their attractiveness can be enhanced by adopting various customized printing patterns. These custom-printed boxes captivate the consumers with their delightful colors and finest finishing. A die-cut window can also be added to these cardboard boxes to make the product visible and increase its appeal.

Keeps Edibles Fresh and Protected

One of the largest consumers of custom cardboard boxes is food manufacturers and suppliers. They confidentially use such containers for their food items to be delivered to the market or directly to the consumers in the most protected way. The thick walls, strong bottom, and flip cover of such containers protect the edibles to a maximum level and keep their freshness alive for a long time.

The amazing thing about these containers is that they can also be used as countertop display boxes to showcase the item at the counter inside the store. Displaying the item can help to lure the buyers toward the product.

A Revolutionary Product for Shipping

The evolution of product box packaging has also changed the traditional methods of shipping manufactured goods as well as household items from one place to another. These modern and easy to handle containers are designed exclusively to keep the goods safe and sound and make sure that they reach their destination in one piece. For example, candle boxes with windows are used to keep delicate candles safe from breakage and losing their original shape.

Reusability and Eco-Friendliness

Over the past few years, the cardboard sleeve packaging suppliers have seen a major change in the packaging industry that was the result of a collective effort of manufacturers and consumers. The effort aimed to make these containers eco-friendly by adopting the 3R principle. This principle indicated three important procedures that include reusability, recyclability, and reducibility.

Recycling is a process that assures reduction not only in environmental pollution but also in the pricing of these boxes. It is because of this process that consumers can purchase cheap cardboard gift boxes from the market quickly.

An Ideal Choice for Retailers

The retail market is one of the largest business sectors in the world. Consumers decide to purchase a product soon as they see its packaging. This is the reason why retailers around the globe prefer cardboard retail boxes to increase the selling ratio of their products, which ultimately results in an increased profit ratio for them. They prefer such packaging because it can contain the product perfectly well. For example, a hexagon-shaped decoration piece requires a six-corner casing that can keep contain it just the way it should be enclosed. It also increases the shelf life of the item to a maximum level.  

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