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Last Updated on December 21, 2022 by Hammad Hassan

Undoubtedly, there is huge popularity and demand for coffee capsules and pods online worldwide. In 2020, the research firm Mordor Intelligence predicted that the global market of coffee capsules and pods was valued at more than US $25 billion. And as more consumers choose convenience and quality, the market is predicted to rise by more than 7% annually.

However, as the coffee industry is expanding in popularity, we’re also seeing a rise in consumer awareness around environmental sustainability, resulting in a 61% decline in the use of single-serve products and a wide shift towards more sustainable consumer behaviour around the world. It is also noted that younger people are particularly sceptical of using coffee capsules and willing to spend an extra 10% on sustainable coffee capsules and pods.

Therefore, many companies are making biodegradable and recyclable coffee capsules and pods to expand the coffee industry again. And one of the leading companies that have started making sustainable coffee products is Nespresso. Nespresso is one of the oldest companies that manufacture sustainable Nespresso Coffee capsules and Nespresso pods online in Australia. 

How are Nespresso Coffee Capsules Sustainable?

Most coffee capsules are very difficult to recycle and can take many years to decompose. But Nespresso is making their products “Coffee Capsules and Pods” biodegradable and recyclable for a better sustainable environment. 

This means you can throw the entire capsule, “their new product – Biocap,” with the lid and seal, and each part of it will decompose naturally in up to 6 months without harming the environment. They have made their products with the help of starch, glucose, vegetable fibre, inorganic filler materials and biodegradable additives, making the capsule entirely GMO-, gluten-free and vegan.

With Nespresso, everything is simple. Nespresso’s 100% compostable coffee capsules and compostable pods are completely oxygen tight and do not require any additional wasteful packaging. Hence the coffee capsules remain completely fresh whenever you want to make your perfect cup of coffee! Unlike others, coffee capsules that require extra unnecessary packaging to keep the coffee fresh. 

Moreover, the only energy sources used in producing Nespresso BioCapsules are biogas, hydropower, wind, and solar. Now, why choose Nespresso Coffee Capsules and Nespresso Pod Online when there are many brands and companies with similar products online?

Why Choose Nespresso for Sustainable Coffee Capsules and Nespresso Pods Online?

Nespresso is a fresh certified B Corporation from Australia, meaning they meet all the rigorous social and environmental standards while making their products. B corp certificate is not a certificate but a move to join and grow with the 4500 other B Corps like-minded and for-profit businesses devoted to the international effort to create a more sustainable and inclusive economic system. This certificate also reflects Nespresso’s 30 years of commitment to sustainability.

They believe in the “Force for Good Because How We Make Coffee Matters”. Hence, they deliver exceptional good coffee of the world. Furthermore, with the 84 B corp score, they are committed to long-term change, inspired by a Holistic approach, which makes them determined to keep improving and go further.

I hope this will be more than a reason to choose Nespresso for their Coffee Capsules and pods.

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