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The initial phase of getting your blog started is an exciting and fun part of the journey. After all your hard work in the ideation process, doing research on your target market, and narrowing down your niche, this is where your efforts start to pay off.

However, there are certain steps that you need to take to be successful from the start. It is up to you to lay the groundwork, which also involves extensive research. If you do not have an ironclad plan of action to launch and promote your blog, things can go wrong when the time comes for execution.

If you want to save yourself from the heartache of seeing your blog suffer, read on to find the best ways to promote it effectively. Then, you will see traffic rolling onto your website. 

  1. Repurpose your content

Content repurposing entails that you need to reimagine and recreate your top posts and adapt them to different forms of content. There is only one way to achieve a bird’s eye view of what has already been published and what they offer your customers. 

For example, you can repurpose a blog post by turning it into a video for YouTube or an infographic, a presentation on SlideShare, and even a podcast.  

You also have the opportunity to leverage all your blog posts with CTAs to encourage readers to turn into leads. For example, you can add an online course, allowing readers to enroll in it, or get a free ebook. 

Rest assured, repurposing content is a way to triple blog traffic and ensure a better engagement rate. 

  1. Build links to your site

Once you are aware of the ins and outs of the content you have on your website, you can proceed toward building organic links. 

You may have heard about doing so before, too, and thus, if you want Google to rank you better, you will need to invest time and effort into link-building. It enables you to cultivate a long-term and excellent SEO strategy, which can boost your blog for days to come. 

  1. Employ email marketing tactics

Email marketing is a direct marketing tactic consisting of communicating with a significantly large target audience via email. You need to craft the message you want to send out and email it to a set of recipients. 

Where blog promotion is concerned, your email should revolve around your blog. It should eventually become your blog and consist of the vast number of articles that have been posted on it. 

If you want to do an excellent job of it and ensure that your subscribers enjoy going through the text, pick and choose from the numerous email templates available on PosterMyWall. 

Email marketing and blogging usually go together much like peanut butter and jam. They are the best friends in the marketing world, and the reason behind their endearing connection is the correlation between the success of the two. 

  1. Answer queries on Quora

Quora is a top platform to engage with people who could potentially be interested in the topics that you are discussing on your blog. It can be an excellent promotional opportunity, especially if you are new. 

Make sure to create an account on Quora and visit it daily to answer your niche queries. However, remember that you do not copy and paste your blog URL into every answer. It can be spam and get you reported or blocked on the platform. 

Instead, you can choose to provide valuable answers to the users and display the URL on your profile. This way, anyone who views your profile can make their way to your blog. 

  1. Show off on Instagram

Instagram presents you with an opportunity to display your blog with the help of a stream of photos. It will only take a couple of hours, and you will have a higher interaction rate than ever. 

The social media platform allows you to utilize a unique square size for images, which stands at 1080 x 1080 pixels. If you do not know where to start, you can always use the Instagram post templates offered by PosterMyWall to make your life easier. 

The bonus of Instagram posts is that you can include clickable links in the caption. The URL of your blog in the caption and the bio will drive people to view your blog. Voila! Your traffic will go up, and promotions will be successful. 

  1. Post on subreddits

Subreddits, which you find on Reddit, are an excellent place for you to share your knowledge with people who are ready to listen. These people generally include your targeted audience, who would be happy to receive more information on a given topic. 

Like Quora, Subreddits are topics that allow you to add to the conversation. It is another effective way of sharing your blog posts and building influence. 

  1. Contact influencers

Reaching out to celebrities and influencers in your niche is a promising way to promote your blog. If you want an influencer to accept your outreach email, you can build a relationship with them first. It will increase their chances of saying yes whenever you bring up a collaboration. 

Once the influencer has collaborated with you, it will prove to be helpful to you to link their social media or blogs to your posts. It will nurture a long-lasting relationship that you can use in the future. 

Final word

Ultimately, you need to remember that blog promotion is not something that happens overnight. You will want to lay down a solid foundation to ensure your blog remains successful in the long run rather than turning to tactics that bring about quick hits. 

You could have the best content, but you cannot convert customers and engage readers until you have a solid promotion plan. However, using the blog promotion tactics above, you can make a meaningful impact using the blog promotion tactics above. 

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