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As we all know, MBA is one of the degrees that focus on successfully running a business. The MBA courses are the ones that cover a wide range of subjects. It starts from the administration and marketing to the HR and the product management. There are also so many specialised courses that the students can do, but as usual, they face issues in completing academic work and seeking assignment help. In the UK, many institutions offer specialised MBA programs.

For example, they are MBA in Business Analytics or Finance and even Entrepreneurship. Like other streams or fields, there are several variations in the MBA. For example, it is MBA in Banking and Finance or MBA in Finance and Marketing. In this post, we will discuss the software MBA students can use to complete their finance assignments. Before moving to the another process it is necessary for the MBA students to know about complete information about what is MBA in the finance subject and what are the things that are included in it.

A Brief Guide About MBA in Finance Subject

Well, while talking about the MBA in finance subject deals with the management and all the controls related to the investments, financial resources and costs in the business context. If you are also one of those student who is availing this course or may be interested in pursuing MBA in finance. In that case, it can help you in the process of better managing any of the organisation’s finances and making financial plans and predictions. Additionally, it also helps in the purpose of increasing the stock value and much more. However, some find it tough during pursuing time, so here we come up with the best tools to help your academic finance work easy.

Top 6 Best Finance Management Software for Making Ease for MBA Students

Below is the list of the best financial management tools that students can start evaluating before choosing which one suits them the best to complete academic finance work.


It is one of the widely used software for MBA finance students. It is perfect for the all-inclusive financial management programme for small and medium-sized enterprises’ accountants. It can also be used for bank reconciliation, invoicing, cost management, payroll and sophisticated reporting. There are so many on-premises and cloud-based options.

Even though it is more complicated, if you frequently deal with huge quantities, its significant capabilities provide a compelling rationale. But, on the other hand, QB could be a little daunting for a small corporation with few requirements.

Zoho Finance Plus

With its end-to-end integrated platform, Zoho’s financial suite eliminates departmental silos and supports all of your back-office tasks, including accounting, invoicing, inventory, expenditure management, and tax compliance. In addition, to handle the complete financial process, the suite offers adaptable, scalable, and secure apps.

Each programme may be accessed from the others, making usage simple. However, based on your demands, the granular user roles restrict access, and you may completely personalise them.

Sage Intact

Suppose you are also looking for MBA finance academic assistance. This software will help students to manage the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management and order management. In addition, with the open API structure, you can integrate them with other business applications like CRM, payroll or POS systems.


With the help of the finance software Xero, students can make expert recurring invoices and compare bank and credit card transactions. Additionally, it aids in contract management, payroll, inventory management, and buy and sales orders for enterprises. So to deal with finance and academic work, students can use the Xero software. If they are still not able to understand the things and concepts, then they can go with choosing the finance assignment help. It assists finance students in completing academic work in a short period without making anything hassle.


Freshbooks is one of the bookkeeping software that makes accounting and finance tasks easy for students. This software is easy to handle, fast and secure. With the help of this software, students can start sending the invoices, tracking time, and capturing the expenses quickly. In addition, their best customer service helps to build the product in minutes by saving time. So for MBA finance students, Freshbooks is also a good option to complete the assignment without facing any hassles. 


It is the best digital cash flow software that helps students by giving them 100% control over the business and finance-related assignments. Also, they can able to track past and planned cash flows. They can see and analyse the income and expenses of the customers, suppliers, payment categories or projects to identify where they can save money. Students will find the CAFLOU a powerful software that is easy to use to manage academic tasks and other activities. 

So above stated is the list of the finance software that students can use to eliminate all the problems arising in their academic life. Consider financial management software for your MBA Finance assignment to help build future financial success.

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