Team Building

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Teams are important in today’s society, so it’s no surprise that many companies try to make the most of them when it comes to team-building exercises. Organizations may think about using this event as an opportunity to build company morale and strengthen the bond between co-workers. This can be accomplished through planning activities that involve teams working together towards a common goal. Here are 5 virtual spirit week ideas for team building.

Virtual Costume Party

This exercise is great for existing teams and can also be used as a recruitment tool for potential new members. A virtual party can sometimes be more fun than the real thing, and it’s also easier to coordinate. Employees can acquire different fashion styles and fun outfits from a costume shop that offers props and accessories. The company provides the theme for the competition, or you could ask your employees to suggest their ideas.

A virtual costume party is also a great exercise for employees who have never met or have little contact every day. Converting team building into a fun activity might bring distant teams closer together.

Word Game Competition

Making the spirit week activity enjoyable for individual participants and teams is important. A word game competition is a great way to get your employees thinking creatively and having fun at the same time. This exercise could be conducted in two teams or as an individual competition with everyone participating on their computer or smartphone.

The idea is to choose a topic for the game. Make sure everyone can participate, and then hold separate competitions (in teams or individually) to win each round. In addition, you can make prizes available for those who are the first to post the answer online or who can solve the problem within a certain time frame. This exercise is suitable for all age groups, and it would be great fun whether teams are composed of co-workers in the same department or spread across various companies that have partnered together.

Virtual Treasure Hunt

After the success of the word game competition, you can keep moving on to other virtual team-building exercises as well. A treasure hunt is a classic game, and it can be made more interesting by adding a modern twist. The treasure hunter needs to solve problems that lead to puzzle hints to find the answer. This will allow your employees to learn new skills since they’ll need to find an answer in a different format from what they’re used to working with. The rules can be created by your company or the group of employees participating in the event. It would be a good idea to make sure that the treasure hunt is not too difficult so that everyone has a chance of winning.

Virtual Charades

Charades is a classic game, but it can become even more enjoyable when you add some virtual elements. You can choose a random topic for every game, or participants can suggest them themselves. As a hint, a picture or video of the topic can be shown to participants. They have to act out what’s written on the screen by speaking or using gestures. They don’t need to reveal their identity when playing charades. This exercise encourages creativity and boosts employee morale.

Virtual Spirit Walk

In this activity, teams walk around a virtual building or town and visit various locations while looking for clues revealing information about the organization’s history or mission statement. It’s similar to an active scavenger hunt but doesn’t require teams to leave their offices.

If possible, create a replica of your physical building or an accurate digital version of your town, and then encourage teams to visit the areas of the building where important information might be located. Teams can search for clues that you’ve placed at various locations in the virtual building or town but have signs posted in nearby areas to provide information about the organization.


Team building is important to any organization because it promotes teamwork and relations among peers and colleagues. It’s also a great way to create a healthy environment for your team members, so they feel they’re part of something bigger than themselves. No matter which activity you choose, your employees will have fun while also learning new things about each other.

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