1/2 handicap? Showing how to set a handicap
1/2 handicap? Showing how to set a handicap

Odds 1/2 is always an arena that attracts a lot of football betting enthusiasts. So do you know this concept and how to view the handicap ½ in detail?

Overcoming the raging epidemic’s difficulties, this year’s football season is still an excellent opportunity to earn money for betting enthusiasts. Many types of attractive football bets always open players to great rewards. So you already know what 1/2 is? Let Kubet guide how to see the half 1/2 handicap in detail? Let’s follow along!

Find out what 1/2 odds are?

Handicap 1/2 is also known as the 0.5 handicap or, under another name, the left half handicap. You will often encounter this bet when playing football betting. The left half handicap is a bet where the player can only win or lose, but there is no draw.

Precisely, the top team will place a handicap of 0.5 left (i.e., half a goal) along with the bottom section at the time before the football match starts. This is considered an essential factor to help bettors determine the winner or loser of the game even though it has not yet started.

Currently, the left half handicap differs from many brothers participating in online casino sites. Players can bring home many valuable rewards when choosing this type of rafters, especially applying betting experience. Participating in halfway handicap betting has become familiar to those who regularly watch football online.

Handicap betting tips to win 1/2 fast you should know

Many of you still wonder how to bet on the left half handicap. Then please note the following 1/2 win handicap betting tips:

• Bet on the home team when it is found that the team’s win rate on the leaderboard is higher even with an opponent’s handicap of 0.5. Conversely, when the away team accepts 0.5, but the home team holds a position on the far-away rankings, the home team should be selected.

In these two cases, the home team’s win rate is higher. If you want to bet, you should pay attention to observe the rankings to make a decision correct determination.

• For neutral matches, prioritize the lower bets. For many newcomers, this quick winning bet tip is quite helpful.

• You should also know that: Usually, in 1/2 matches, if the first half has a goal, the second half will have a high scoring rate.

• Based on the assessment of the strength of teams recreating, choose the unit that needs to win or the strong team. Combine the tracking of each team’s fighting and scoring skills that proceed to bet to get the desired results.

• Realizing that the 1/2 handicap is reduced to a 1/4, you should change and choose the upper hand bet. Or, you should select the base team when there is a 1/2 degree of the bottom door to score.

• The most appropriate time to make a bet ranges from the first 15-20 minutes of the match. Therefore, you should not rush to bet but take the time to observe to choose the team with a high probability of winning.

Once these tips apply to the 1/2 handicap betting process, you can have more chances of winning with higher odds. Do not hesitate to quickly learn and apply immediately.

How to calculate 1/2 detail

Most bets have three outcomes: win – lose – draw. But with the handicap of 0.5, we can only record the result of winning or losing; there is no draw.

According to this betting method, the upper-hand team will carry out the handicap of the lower-hand team at 0.5 left. After the bet results are available, we have the following calculation method:

• If the upper hand wins: The player who chooses the upper hand wins. Otherwise, when he chooses the lower door, he loses.

• If the lower hand wins or draws:, The lower bet wins, the upper hand loses.

To be more specific, to make it easier to understand, let’s take an example: For any match, the top team (Team A) while B is the underdog. The game has a bet of 0.5, and team A takes the left hand for team B. Winners and losers will appear as follows:

• Draw: The player who chooses team A (Superior) loses.

• Team A wins B: The player wins the total bet when choosing A and chooses Team B to lose the entire bet.

• Team A loses to B: Select Team A to lose the entire bet amount when the player selects Team B to win.

In betting on 1/2, you should learn how to bet with high odds. In addition, learning more about determining to win and losing and calculating the bet is also essential, especially for those of you who are just starting to know about this type of bet.

You know, winning football betting or precisely 1/2 is not just dependent on luck or heaven. If you want to earn more and more income, you need to work hard to improve your knowledge. Hopefully, the information about 1/2 handicap above will bring many valuable things.

Find out what football odds are? And how to see football odds.

When participating in betting, players must understand the basic knowledge of  Ku casino football odds? Along with that is how to see the odds. This is quite important, it will make it easier for you to participate in football matches in the best way. So let’s find with Kubet. Learn about football odds in the article below.

What are football odds?

Football betting games from the past to now have always attracted the attention of betting enthusiasts at online bookmakers. This type of betting game allows players to win the fastest and most prestigious money. The game is like that. People are still not proficient in grasping the odds and how to see the odds when playing.

Odds are also known as a house, betting, or betting odds. This is the word given by bookmakers in football matches or any other type of sports betting to represent the odds. For each game, the house’s experts will conduct general analysis and statistics to give the odds for the player to choose the most suitable way.

More straightforwardly, the odds or betting odds are the odds that are statistically analyzed and given by bookmakers for each match. It is the number related to the game that is won or lost.

Betting participants identify and choose to bet based on the odds offered by the bookie to provide a chance to win and receive bonuses. The bookie can offer these bets a few days before the upcoming match. It changes continuously according to the specific match periods.

How to see the latest football odds.

When players participate in betting on football or any other sport, there will be many different types of bets. Players can bet on markets such as corner bets, yellow card bets, full-time bets, or half-time bets. 1 half 2. The three most famous and popular types of bets are the handicap, the European, and the “over and under.” So how to read the odds, let’s explore.

European odds.

European handicap is a bet that players often encounter at any bookmaker’s table. This type of rafter is displayed with the phrase 1X2 or 1H 1X2, which is the European 1st half, or FT 1X2 is the whole European match. European handicap is considered one of the players’ favorite football bets because of its straightforward way of betting and playing. When participating in betting, players see simple odds that do not take much time to calculate.

For this type of European betting, players do not need to care about the number of goals scored by the two teams in the match. The final result of the game’s home and away teams must have a win or loss ratio.

1 is the bet on the home team to win (home).

X is a draw for both teams at the end of the match with a draw (Draw).

2 bets for the away team to win (away)

FT is the bet for the whole match, and 1H is the bet for the first half.

For example, in match MU, the home team Chelsea was the away team for 1X2 in the English Premier League. The bookie offers odds in favor of MU winning or Chelsea winning, or both teams drawing with a score of 2.36, 3.15, and 1.23, respectively.

If the player bets on the MU team to win with the amount of 100,000 VND, they will get 100,000 x 2.36 = 236000 VND. If the MU team loses, that amount of 100,000 will be lost.

If the player places a bet on Chelsea, the same way multiplies the bet by the number of turns given by the dealer.

Handicap rate (Asian handicap)

This bet is also quite popular with many people. On the table of odds of this bookmaker, it is often abbreviated as HDP. For handicaps (Asian handicaps), there is an upper hand and a lower handicap with specific odds.

The upper hand usually displays negative numbers as a minus sign in the handicap, such as -0.5. The opposite team will display positive numbers with a plus sign in front of the handicap, e.g., +1.25. The case where 0 is shown in the handicap means that the two teams are evenly matched.

Handicap is a rather complicated type of bet, but the bonus rate of this game is very high, so many players choose it.

For example, Chelsea vs. Everton, where the top team is Chelsea and the bottom section is Everton. Chelsea accepts half the Everton team. If the bet on the upper door wins, the player will eat the entire amount. If the player loses, he will lose the whole bet amount.

Odds of over/under (O/U)

The over-under, also known as over-under, is a form of betting based on the total number of goals scored by two teams against each other in the whole match. A bet on a more significant number of dreams is the over, and smaller the number given the house is an underdog.

There are many different types of bets on the over and under bets:

• Over and under bets 0.5

• Over/under bets 0.5/1

• Over and under 1

• Over/under bets 1/1.5

• Over and under bets 1.5

• Over and under bets 1.5/2

• Over and under 2

• Over and under 2/2.5

• Over and under bets 2.5/3

• Over and under 3

• Over/under bets 3/3.5

For example, in the match between the MU team and the Liverpool team, the whole game is 2. The bet will be won if the player bets on over if the game has 3 or more goals. If the chance is under, if the game has less than 2 goals, you will win.

Still making money when the match ends with a total of 2 goals, e.g., 1 – 1 or 2 – 0.

Kubet the best booki in Vietnam

In the above article, Kubet have provided you with information about what is football odds? And how to see football odds. It can be said that football odds are an important concept that every player needs to grasp when playing betting, helping to improve the odds of winning and reducing risk when playing bets. Hope the above article will help you. Thank you, guys. Have fun playing.


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