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The pandemic outbreak has scared the world, and the nations are in lockdown. During lockdown periods, the best cure is to grab some popcorn and watch some incredible and intriguing Web series. Commonly, web series can ease boredom, especially when you are alone at home. You can use the main streaming OTT to have a choice of Web series. The web series recollects different genres, and it comes up with romance, comedy, crime and thriller, and many more. Among those distinct genres, people choose crime and cliffhanger series. Like films, the web series will have drugs, romance, humor, and other profound topics. Here is the list of the best five web series you can binge-watch during this pandemic.

Money Heist:

One of the best-rated web series all over the universe is money heist. It is a Spanish show based on a bank heist filled with a crime theme that Alex Pina made. The series is based on two long-planned heists made by the professor, one on the bank of Spain and the Royal Mint of Spain. The web series includes 22 shorter episodes. The portrayal is shown in a real-time style and depends on time jumps, hidden character motivations, flashbacks, and many more. The series lessens the heist theme by being shown from a woman’s viewpoint and having expressive dynamics counteract exceptional strategic criminality.

The professor picks eight people and selects the cities as their code names to perform an ambitious strategy for moving into the Royal Mint of Spain and fleeing with cash prices of around 2.4 billion. After seizing 67 hostage individuals in the Royal Mint of Spain, the professor crew schemes to dwell inside the building for 11 days to make money as they negotiate with privileged cobs. After they grow with the initial theft, they intend another heist on the Bank of Spain, as they again handle prisoners and police squads.

Stranger things:

Stranger things is an American show based on science fiction and thriller drama that Duffer Brothers made. The first season of Stranger Things concentrates on the research about how a young boy disappeared amid bizarre events in the city, along with a girl with psychokinetic mastery. The duffer brother evolved the series with a mixture of supernatural aspects depicted with science fiction, thriller, and childlike sensitivities. The series has a unique fan base from all over the globe. The series has obtained numerous honors and nominations. Duffer Brother took the idea from strange investigations performed during the real-world and cold war conspiracy ideas that referred to confidential government investigations. 


Friends is an American funny sitcom television that Marta Kaufman and David Crane created. The sitcom is based on the life tale of six buddies in their 20s and 30s eras. Rachel Green is a friendly lady who runs her wedding day and meets her childhood buddy Monica Geller who is a great chef. The childhood buddies become roommates with Monica’s last roommate Phoebe Buffay, a trustworthy masseuse. The ten seasons of the sitcom will portray romantic adventures, career issues, comedy, and many more.

Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones is an American based the fantasy drama that David Benioff created. Game of Thrones has numerous plots and an enormous assemblage and shows several story angles. Out of the several angles, one concentrates on the iron throne of the seven empires; another on the last child of the kingdom’s deposed legislation dynasty. In contrast, others concentrate on the night’s gaze of a brotherhood protecting the kingdom against the vicious people and mythical beasts of the north. The series is hyped because of its complex characters, story, scope, acting, and production importance. This is one of the shows which have obtained more than 50 prizes. The last season of Game of Thrones is the same for its tale and inventive decisions, with many contemplating a disappointing ending. You can watch the game of thrones from the main OTT platforms.

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13 reasons why:

13 reasons why this is an American show based on the teen drama created by Jay Asher. The story is about a seventeen-year-old student of a high school named Clay Jensen and his dead buddy Hannah baker. She will undergo a civilization of bullying, gossip, and sexual attack during her high school days. She didn’t get support from her friends, high school, and family members. Hannah makes a batch of cassette videos in the weeks preceding her suicide piece. This is one of the most intriguing and nail-biting show. 

The final words:

During these difficult lockdown days, you can binge-watch the series cited above with your precious ones. To add excitement while watching a series, you can amaze them with personalized gifts. Choose the online portals and send gifts online from the top e-commerce sites that offer the best-personalized gifts. Make the moments happy with amazing gifts and amazing shows.


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